Our specialist healthcare team, HealthBid, is a broad selection of ex-NHS, health-tech and medical professionals, with an impressive 87.5% bid win rate across NHS and Local Authority healthcare bids since 2015.

Healthcare is different – and to win healthcare bids you need healthcare specialists to write them. That’s where Bidding Limited comes in.

We help our clients plan for tenders, analyse their competition, design their solutions and write their bids – all with a team of dedicated sector experts.

Whether you’re bidding for contracts with an NHS Trust, ICB or Local Authority – we can help.

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More than £40bn spent per year

It’s estimated that health and social care spend is between £35bn and £40bn each year. This is spread across many areas, including health and social care services, technology, and medical supplies – to name just three.

The NHS is not simple

‘The NHS’ is not as simple as it sounds. It is made up of many moving parts and each one procures goods and services in slightly different ways. Our decades of experience from both inside the NHS – and selling to the NHS allows us to guide our clients through the bidding process with a genuine understanding of how to stand out.

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At Bidding Limited, we’ve won bids across all of healthcare.

We’ve worked on winning bids for services including APMS, Domiciliary Care, School Immunisations, Community Services, Patient Transport Services, Healthy Lifestyles, Musculoskeletal and Integrated Urgent Care.

We have in-depth expertise in delivering significant contract wins for e-Rostering, EPR, medical imaging and patient communications technology providers, as well as medical supplies businesses and clinical trial organisations.

Meet our in-house Health experts – Tania, Bid Director (Health)

What do you think are the most common mistakes people make in healthcare bids?

Not demonstrating the knowledge they have about a locality or demographic, and the challenges they face, within the context of service delivery. But also: not responding to all compulsory requirements – particularly if they feel like they don’t have the “right” answer for them.

What are the most common themes/ questions in health bids?

The proposed model and implementation process are, naturally, the two most common questions we see across healthcare bids, and they so often hit the same notes, that our team could write them blindfolded!

Thematically, key questions are around assurance (e.g., how will you have the right team at service go-live?; or: how will you maintain consistency across the service years?), self-managed performance and quality, and how the service will make life or care that little bit better for patients. And of course it goes without saying that, across all questions, Commissioners are always looking to see where suppliers can add extra value.

What is it that Bidding Ltd brings to help clients on health bids?

There are really three parts to this: style, cogency, and consistency.

Our process is designed not only to understand what clients are going to do and how they’re going to deliver it, but also to bring out the stories behind it, giving Commissioners a real, three-dimensional understanding of our clients’ achievements, ambitions, and future successes. We also work as an extended bidding function, easing the stress of bid management and administration, so clients can focus on the good stuff. In essence, we put our clients—in words.

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"The assistance provided by the team was invaluable. From initial project management and timetabling to creating the final draft answers they were professional and showed extensive experience and insight. We have used other outsourced bid writers but the service by Bidding Ltd (HealthBid) was far superior."

Paul Walsh - Smart Dental