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AI-powered, human-led.

At Bidding Limited, we don’t shy away from the future; we shape it.

We’re a 50-strong team of brilliant bidding and AI experts, here to make market-leading bid writing accessible to everyone. We deliver AI-driven bid writing services, removing the hassle of hiring internal bid staff and opening up bid support services to all organisations across the UK, no matter the size of their budget.

Our range of AI-powered bid delivery services seamlessly integrate cutting-edge bidding AI technology with the industry leading expertise of our Bidding Limited team.

Each bid is built on the foundation of our continually updated, human curated bid library of model bid responses, Government documents, industry legislation and more.

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Best in class starting point

The difference between winning and losing is rooted in the depth, relevance, and expertise of the content that your bid writers have to work from. Working with hundreds of clients annually, addressing thousands of questions from buyers of all types and sizes, we leverage the volume, quality, and compliance of responses within our sector-specific bid libraries to ensure that BidCloud’s extensive knowledge base is continuously enriched, ensuring that our clients are working from an industry leading starting point. We offer BidCloud as a stand alone product – available as a digital bid library, consistently updated by our team, and it underpins all of our AI-powered bid writing services, with;

  • Model Bid Responses – including Method Statements, Service Delivery and more
  • Modern Slavery Statements, Social Value Responses and more
  • Compliance, Risk Assessments and more


Expertise meets innovation

AI tools are only as effective as prompts they receive. That’s the case in marketing, legal, planning, and more. That said, it’s especially true in bid writing. The ability to pull out the key elements of the question, build them into a prompt, and recognise the quality of the initial output that the AI provides are all crucial.

Fortunately, our clients benefit from a highly trained team skilled at prompting our bidding AI tech, ensuring the generation of valuable, concise, and relevant responses, ready for them to fine tune. Our remarkable track record, consistently achieving over an 86% win rate for clients, is down to our team of senior bid professionals running a tried and tested process, and meticulously refining the finer details.

The result for you? Cost-efficient, brilliantly written, and winning bids.

Tailored Solutions for Every Sector

Our approach is far from one-size-fits-all; it’s precisely tailored for your organisation with our different offerings. Our technology and teams specialise in bidding, sector-specific nuances, and winning strategies across all of our core industries. Whether your focus is healthcare, construction, facilities, defence, or something else, we are confident that the outcomes we deliver will surprise you.

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“Ultimate Tender Coach, as the name suggests, the ultimate course you need for learning all about the UK Public Sector tenders and bid process. It covers a huge amount of tips and tricks that are worth knowing for a competitive advantage.”

Zain Daniyal - ML Sense