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High quality bid writing comes from sector expertise and brilliant bid processes, but some key components are often overlooked – preparation, organisation and team communication.

BidLibrary is a simple solution to help you pull all of your bid data and documents together on one collaborative platform. Speak to us today to find out more – or to see a demonstration of BidLibrary in action.

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Say goodbye to buyer portals

Tired of the constant back-and-forth with login credentials and wasting time guiding your team through the many different portals? BidLibrary pulls all buyer documents together in one, consistent platform.

Keep your bid responses in one place

Are you constantly asking colleagues to sift through emails and local drives for past tender responses? Say goodbye to clutter and create a structured library of your answers, from drafts to finals – build by tender type, individual tender responses, or response type – technical, Social Value, appendices…

Centralise your bid communiction

Bids – by their very nature – require collaboration. BidLibrary pulls communication on to one central platform – allowing questions, draft responses and even external messages like Clarification Questions to be sent, responded to and tracked easily.

Keep on top of key dates

It’s unlikely that every member of your bid team is as aware of key dates as you are. BidLibrary keeps all stakeholders informed with real-time alerts for review dates, submission deadlines, and more.

One bid calendar for your team

If you’re overwhelmed by the volume bid activities, upcoming bids and key milestones, BidLibrary’s central bid calendar brings order to the chaos, providing a clear overview of all ongoing and upcoming tasks.

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"I love the software. It's easy to use, it's flexible, the reporting is easy, all my contracts in one place with notifications when contracts are expiring."

Janice Wrench, Procurement Manager - Suttons Group