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People. Process. Content. Technology.

AI-powered, human-led.

At Bidding Limited, we don’t shy away from the future; we shape it.

We’re a 50-strong team of brilliant bidding, content, tech and AI experts, here to make market-leading bid writing accessible to everyone.

Our range of AI-powered bid delivery services seamlessly integrate our brilliant people, our innovative process, our unbeatable content libraries and cutting-edge, market-leading bid writing AI technology.

We’re proud to be the UK’s first official bid partners to AutoGenAI. 

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We see AI as a tool to augment human intelligence, not replace it.

AI has enabled our team of brilliant bid professionals to focus more on the key elements that really underpin the production of the outstanding bid responses that our clients have come to expect.

By integrating AI into our operations, our people have become even more crucial in delivering high-quality bids for our clients. With AI heavily supporting the initial drafting process, our team can devote 80% of the bid timeline – typically reserved for first drafts – to client meetings, research, answer plans, review and refinement, among other essential tasks.

The outcome? A surge in quality and the production of excellent, winning bids for our clients. By viewing AI as augmented human intelligence, we’ve been able to enhance our bid writing process and deliver superior results, and we’d love to show you just how that works.

We've devised a unique methodology that is driven by People, Process Content and Technology, meaning that our clients get an unbelievable level of quality in their bid responses. Even we're shocked at just how much we've been able to focus our people on the parts that really make a difference.

David Haslewood - Director of AI Services - Bidding Ltd


Adapted to capitalise on the power of AutogenAI and implemented by our expert team of APMP bid management professionals, our proven business winning processes are maximising client competitive advantage to deliver unprecedented win rates.

Designed to address that age old balance of bidding – how to win on your Quality submission without necessarily having to be the cheapest bidder – our business winning processes incorporate:

  • Effective capture planning based on a critical analysis approach to determine brilliant win strategies.
  • Storyboarding to structure coherent response plans to leverage the very best content from our AI technology.
  • Proposal planning to ensure an organised approach to production of bids that avoid the last minute sprint finish!
  • Critical reviews to ensure the highest levels of quality in all of our outputs.

We've had customers asking us about how we might make use of AI for a few months now, and we're delighted to have built a unique methodology that's underpinned by leading tech, but that ultimately allows us to play to our strengths and deliver even better outcomes for our clients.

Rob Barraclough - Chief Commercial Officer - Bidding Ltd


Our AI bid writing services are underpinned by our game-changing digital content library that houses;

  • Sector-specific model bid responses across service delivery, social value, Modern Slavery and more
  • Government policies and legislation
  • NetZero Carbon Reduction resources and more…

Our team of content curators actively update our content library each day with new responses, updated documents and more – meaning that your bids are built on the best possible foundation.

We’re delighted to be able offer our content library as either a stand-alone digital product that our clients can use to access brilliant model responses, ready for adapting with their expertise and win themes. Ask our team for more information.

To build out our content libraries, we took the most common ITT questions from a huge number of bids across healthcare, construction, FM and more, and prepared model responses for the core questions that come up time and time again. My team's role is to ensure that our content is refreshed frequently, and up to date with any new procurement, government or sector changes.

Francesca Hippey - Head of Content - Bidding Ltd


We’re a proud partner of AutoGenAI, the world’s leading bid writing AI technology.

Our highly trained team of AutoGenAI experts know exactly how to leverage every part of the platform to support them in creating brilliant bids for our clients – from research and discovery, through to writing and review.

As the UK’s first AutoGenAI Bid Consultancy partner, we remain at the cutting edge of every new feature, and can provide our customers with all of the brilliant benefits of leading AI technology, without the need for the ongoing costs, onboarding/training investment and need for internal experts.

Our teams have taken to AutoGenAI really well, and they recognise that it frees them up to do the part of the job that they're really passionate about - being close to our customers. We know that businesses come to us to get best-in-class bids written for them; and we're even more well equipped to do that with our AI-driven services.

Brendan Fatchett - CEO - Bidding Ltd

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"We've used some AI platforms to generate bid responses for us before. Bidding Ltd's approach could not have been more different. It's clear that the technology is one cog in a very well thought out process, and the people really made the bid what it was".

Business Development Lead - Health Tech Company