Bid Readiness

We prepare you for winning.

Our Bid Readiness service has one goal; to make sure that our clients are in pole position to win bids.

If you’re thinking about bidding for the first time – or you’ve been struggling to win in the past – our Bid Readiness service can help get you to where you need to be in three core stages.

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Tell us about you

Firstly, you’ll complete our Bid Readiness matrix – a comprehensive mix of questions about your organisation, your history in bidding and your compliance and technical capabilities. It’s not difficult to complete, but it gives us everything that we need to guide you in the right direction.

Our team ranks your answers

Having worked on thousands of bids over nearly a decade, our team is experienced in everything from compliance to social value. We’ll run through your answers, marking each of them against common criteria to ensure that we’re giving honest, open feedback on your current position.

Getting you ready

The final stage is an intensive meeting to discuss your answers, our markings and the areas that need improvement. We’ll give you specific guidance on the elements of your organisation, products or services that you need to address in order to get in the best shape possible to start winning bids.

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"We quickly engaged Bidding Ltd to perform a Bid Readiness session. This gave us a view on our current readiness to bid for public sector opportunities and also a really clear picture of where our current gaps were. We have now been successful in getting onto frameworks, and have won our first piece of public sector work."

Richard Jacobs - Managing Director at Alba Partners