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We’ve grown our extensive expertise in winning education contracts since 2014, when we first brought together a team of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in education across the UK.

Our experts help our clients plan for tenders, analyse their competition, design their solutions and write their winning bids.

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More than £105bn spent per year

Education spending is the second-largest element of public service spending in the UK, at nearly 5% of the national income. Schools funding in England is increasing faster than economy-wide inflation, however it is still not increasing as fast as the cost pressures schools face. This is why it is so important to ensure education contracts are awarded to the right companies.

Higher Education can be tough

Tuition fees haven’t increased since 2017 but cost pressures on universities are increasing each year. Higher Education students expect much higher standards in terms of quality so universities are looking for suppliers who can help them do more with what they have and still provide top quality service.

We understand Schools and Further Education

Tight budgets and swift changes in qualifications and legislation are challenging for schools and colleges. The education sector is compelled to procure goods and services rapidly, often for the first time, amid financial constraints. Suppliers must stay agile, adapting to sector changes to provide quality services at the right price.

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At Bidding Ltd, we have worked with people within the education sector since 2014 to help them win all manner of work – from facilities services, through to professional services, and all in between.

Find out what our in-house education experts have to say.

What do you think are the most common mistakes people make in education bids?

Often you find that one person has written the entire bid, but this means little mistakes can be made and missed and also that the specific subject matter experts are unable to give their input.

We also find that, particularly in Higher Education bids, too much technical jargon is used and therefore the panel, likely to include HR/Finance etc are unable to understand what is being said. Everything needs to be explained clearly.

Coming late to the process is also an issue. Before the procurement process even starts you need to identify where you can add value to educational institutions and build relationships.

What are the most common themes/ questions in education bids?

Ensuring value for money is key. Budgets are tight everywhere and therefore it is crucial that suppliers are able to demonstrate that they can provide quality service/ products for the best price.

As with any bid, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Suppliers are required to demonstrate sustainability throughout the whole supply chain.

What is it that Bidding Ltd brings to help clients in education bids?

Education sector staff often struggle with time constraints and lack bid writing expertise. Leveraging our extensive experience in the bidding industry, coupled with our in-house education experts’ insights, we can assist suppliers in crafting clear, straightforward, and winning bids that efficiently address key points.

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“Historically Green Cross Training had entered into tenders in the belief that we were experts in our subject and field. However, it soon became evident that the skill and knowledge required to submit a compelling bid was far greater than having the knowledge of the chosen subject. We have engaged AM Bid on a number of complex tenders and the results speak for themselves. Highly professional, very detailed and just an excellent investment!”

Ayrtam Ryall, Managing Director - Green Cross Training