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Our Bid Review service means that you get our expert eye for detail but without us having written the whole bid. We’ve written thousands of bids across 80+ sectors, and we know what it takes to score high marks against criteria. Everything from formatting to wording – we’ll help.

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Before we do anything else, we’ll take your entire response and review it internally. We’ll look at the bid for consistency, formatting, grammar, spelling and – most importantly – win themes.

Comments and mark up

Once we’ve reviewed the full bid, we’ll provide you with a fully marked up version of your response, with all of our suggestions clearly outlined.

Final review

The final stage is an intensive review meeting with our bid professionals. We’ll go through the bid in detail, working through our comments and findings, making sure that you clearly understand what needs to change and improve before you submit the winning bid.

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"Thanks to everyone at Bidding Limited who was involved in the review of our draft responses. The comments pointed up some glaring weaknesses and showed us how to rectify them. There was some excellent attention to detail.”

Aaron Matthews - Head of Sales, Cyclehoop