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Our specialist construction team consists of a broad range of experts from various backgrounds across construction and bidding, including building services, architecture, maintenance and repair and energy efficiency to name a few. We’ve achieved an impressive 86% bid win rate across the sector since 2014 – with over 90% success on frameworks.

Construction is such a broad industry; most people think construction just includes new build, but as you’ll know, this is far from the case. It encompasses all maintenance/repair work, and – ever increasingly – retrofit. Therefore, it can be hard to find specialists that understand all areas across construction to help you win bids. That’s where Bidding Ltd comes in.

We help our clients plan for bids, analyse their competition, design their solutions and write their bids – all with a team of dedicated sector experts. Whether you’re writing a bid for a Local Authority, Housing Association or framework provider – we’re always on hand to make sure that you’re always building towards success.

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The construction industry serves as a barometer for the overall health of the economy. Its growth and dynamics are closely tied to economic well-being. As environmental standards evolve, there is a notable shift in focus towards retrofitting, emerging as a significant and expanding domain within the construction sector.

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What do you think are the most common mistakes people make in construction bids?

Achieving net zero is of paramount importance in government contracts, with a new playbook outlining mandatory compliance. However, even for companies outside government contracts, proactive preparation is essential. The expectation, and reality, is that this net zero playbook will extend to all bids.

While companies frequently focus on making specific projects sustainable or net zero, such as ensuring sustainable materials, governing bodies also scrutinize the overall sustainability plan of the company. This includes aspects like the use of electric vehicles, existence of a carbon plan, and more.

What are the most common themes/ questions you find in the bids?

Sustainability – Evidencing that any work being carried out will have minimum impact on the environment throughout the entire process.

Social Value – Implementation in the construction sector is more complex and may involve costs. Nonetheless, it is crucial to integrate it into the plan, whether through including a playground or contributing to the upkeep of a local community center.

Diversity and Inclusion – Historically, the construction sector has been predominantly male-dominated. Therefore, showcasing efforts to encourage and support women in the industry is now imperative.

Mental Health – Given the sector’s alarming suicide rate, it is increasingly common for companies to be asked to demonstrate their commitment to addressing mental well-being and supporting their employees.

What is it that Bidding Ltd brings to help clients in on construction bids?

Having collaborated with a diverse range of clients in the construction industry, we possess a clear understanding of best practices. This positions us perfectly to identify when a client may not be meeting these standards and offer guidance on the steps needed to achieve excellence.

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“From the get-go I felt like we were in a safe pair of hands with (Bidding Ltd) due to their reputation in the industry and knowledge of our sector. We worked well together to ensure we continued to submit high quality tenders. I am pleased to say that from the tenders where outcomes have been announced, we have won every tender, except one, that (Bidding Ltd) supported us with. A great achievement for both organisations.”

George Mallon, Pre-Contract & Customer Director - Liberty Group