We deliver winning bids – but don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve worked with hundreds of organisations – SMEs through to international corporations – helping them to deliver winning bids for NHS, Local Authority, Central Government and private contracts. Here’s a selection of kind words from our clients.

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Hope Citadel Healthcare CIC

“Your support in the process was incredibly helpful and we really valued it. The lift of scores between the procurements shows how we were able to bring up the level our bid. Wanted to share our appreciation and thank you for being part of this journey.”

Sarah Everest, Strategy Director - OneMedical Group

“Bidding Limited have always been very professional and thorough in their work. They always deliver on timelines and the knowledgeable and talented bid writing team produce excellent work. Nothing is too much trouble and they take complex information and turn it into comprehensive bid responses.

Ben Martin, Managing Director - Duct Clean Services

“Everything went smoothly with the bid. We found the team and their services very helpful. Previously we had been floundering in the dark, however, working with them we learned a lot from the experience and now feel more confident with bidding in the future.”

Kate Brentley, Managing Director - West Wakefield GP Federation

We engaged with Bidding Limited as an emerging GP Federation starting to look at bidding for healthcare contracts.

Bidding Limited were great at applying their systematic methodology to guide us through the process of developing detailed and comprehensive bids for a number of healthcare tenders. Their knowledge of procurement processes really helped us to have a better understanding of what would be expected from us. Bidding Limited are personable and knowledgeable and make you feel at ease throughout the bid writing process.

Ayrtam Ryall, Managing Director - Green Cross Training

“Historically Green Cross Training had entered into tenders in the belief that we were experts in our subject and field. However, it soon became evident that the skill and knowledge required to submit a compelling bid was far greater than having the knowledge of the chosen subject. We have engaged AM Bid on a number of complex tenders and the results speak for themselves. Highly professional, very detailed and just an excellent investment!”

Keith Rowley, Managing Director - North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative

The North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOECPC) recently engaged Bidding Limited to provide bid support services for a highly complex bid we pursed in collaboration with a number of other NHS organisations.

The bid process itself last over 10 months during which Bidding Limited were required to provide substantial on-site bid leadership and coordination as well as generate high quality content. I have no doubt that the support of Bidding Limited helped us to maximise our competitive advantage during this bid process and as such, I would undoubtedly recommend their services to other NHS organisations.

Richard Jacobs, Managing Director - Alba Partners

“We quickly engaged Bidding Ltd to perform a Bid Readiness session. This gave us a view on our current readiness to bid for public sector opportunities and also a really clear picture of where our current gaps were. We have now been successful in getting onto frameworks, and have won our first piece of public sector work.”

Aaron Matthews, Head of Sales - Cyclehoop

“Thanks to everyone at Bidding Limited who was involved in the review of our draft responses. The comments pointed up some glaring weaknesses and showed us how to rectify them. There was some excellent attention to detail.”

Zain Daniyal - ML Sense

“Ultimate Tender Coach, as the name suggests, the ultimate course you need for learning all about the UK Public Sector tenders and bid process. It covers a huge amount of tips and tricks that are worth knowing for a competitive advantage.”

Paul - Smart Dental

“The assistance provided by Bidding Limited was invaluable. From initial project management and timetabling to creating the final draft answers they were professional and showed extensive experience and insight. We have used other outsourced bid writers but the service by Bidding Ltd was far superior.”

Claire Williams, Managing Director - Inclusive Employers

“During a full day workshop Philip made a potentially dry subject engaging and enjoyable. His practical approach based on many years of experience meant that we came away with many new insights and a much deeper understanding of the bids and tenders world. Thank you!”

Scott Haughton, Chief Operating Officer - Envestors

“We are delighted to have found Bidding Ltd. They made all the difference to a recent high value bid, providing expert support, advice and bid writing input. Without their help, insight and knowledge of the public sector bidding process, we would not have won this commission – which has been genuinely transformational for our business.

We continue to work with Bidding Ltd and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”

Ronan Clancy, Executive Director - The Clancy Group

“What I needed was someone that could help me navigate the fog of a department that, while effective, needed a culture change and increased throughput.

Bidding Ltd have really helped me over the past 18 months, offering sage and credible insight to myself and the team. They undertook a strategic review of our bidding activities including strategies, processes, and people – the full bid lifecycle. They also hosted workshops for everyone who touches bidding, to help promote greater understanding of the role of subject matter experts and bid contributors.”

Jordan Glass, Bid Team Leader - Ventro Group

“Their wealth of knowledge and experience are invaluable for any bidders wanting to go from good to great. Their insights into the bidding world that were relayed on our tailored 1-day course have enabled us to fine-tune our processes and make our tender responses more client-focused, persuasive and engaging.”

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"We quickly engaged Bidding Ltd to perform a Bid Readiness session. This gave us a view on our current readiness to bid for public sector opportunities and also a really clear picture of where our current gaps were. We have now been successful in getting onto frameworks, and have won our first piece of public sector work."

Richard Jacobs - Managing Director at Alba Partners