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Our team at Bidding Ltd has a storied history in founding and working across tech and digital businesses, with backgrounds varying from SaaS, cyber security, digital transformation and hardware organisations of all sizes.

As a team, our people have hands on experience of growing businesses through winning bids – both Public Sector and private – and we understand how best to tell the story of tech to the people that matter the most – the bid evaluators.

Our clients range from multi-national EPR software providers through to more local cloud transformation SMEs – and all in between.

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More than £20bn spent per year

Last year public sector technology spending increased by nearly 2% to over £20bn. The digital transformation of the Public Sector made up plenty of this spend, with the increased adoption of software across the NHS, including e-rostering, EPR, HR and clinical comms tools, also playing a part. The move towards hyper-automation, AI, adaptive security and big data are likely to see this growth continue in coming years.

Competitive landscape

Tech is becoming competitive like no other sector. Many companies – from start ups to larger corporations – all offering seemingly similar solutions. The key in bidding is to ensure that the evaluators understand the proposition and how it meets the criteria. Often, internal bid writers can make the mistake of trying to sell innovation, rather than ticking the boxes in front of them. That’s where we come in.

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We understand how to speak the language of tech in a way that allows evaluators to properly comprehend the value of our client’s offerings. Whether we’re working with a cloud transformation company, putting partnership and experience at the forefront, or with an innovative SaaS business, making clear how their innovation feeds wider Public Sector goals, we’re always focussed on one thing – scoring as highly as possible for our clients.

Meet one of our in-house tech experts – Rob Barraclough (Group Chief Commercial Officer)

What do you think are the most common mistakes people make in tech bids?

I think that – especially at SME level – the founders and sales teams of tech organisations rightly want to shout about their solutions, and make sure that the evaluators really understand how their tech is different. That’s great if it’s what’s being asked for. However, often, I think bids can quickly become a feature list rather than a compelling story. That’s where we try to make sure that we’re focussing on the question first, weaving win themes around the buyer’s requirements.

What are the most common themes/ questions in tech bids?

Aside from the basics – requirements around ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus etc, it’s probably implementation approach and case studies. This is where suppliers get the chance to give the buyer good reason to believe that they’re the right partner to invest both money and a significant amount of time in. Buyers want suppliers that have little risk associated with them, and that have significant experience of working with other very similar organisations. If you don’t have that as an SME, it can be hard to know how to answer these kinds of questions, but we know how to craft winning answers for even the most inexperienced of organisations.

What is it that Bidding Ltd brings to help clients in on tech bids?

We help bring focus. We work with our clients on every bid in our Kick Off meetings to really understand what they see as their win themes, their core value proposition and their USPs. We then use these to create a narrative and a compelling bid across what can sometimes be seen as a list of functional questions.

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