Bid Services Subscriptions (BSS)

Bidding Ltd’s team of experts is your on demand bidding team with our Bid Services Subscription.

With our comprehensive Bid Services Subscription (BSS), we provide you with dedicated bidding expertise when you need it throughout the year. No limits on the number of bids per month, no day rates that you’re out of control of – just one, simple fee. Without doubt, this is the most cost-effective way of outsourcing your bid writing in the UK.

Our BSS customers range from multi-national tech providers with busy bidding pipelines, to SMEs with limited bidding expertise – and plenty in between.

As a BSS client, we’re here for you through the year with no unexpected costs.

Proof of our success

Average number of bids we write for our subscription clients write per year. For our biggest client, we write close to 70!
Client win rate
Plus bids worked on each year
Sectors written for in 9 years

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Bid Services Subscription (BSS)

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past decade or so and, if we’ve learned anything, it’s that waiting for bidding opportunities can be a challenge. There’s often very little for months, and then a number of opportunities arise at once. Similarly, ‘outsourcing’ things like bid writing is rarely budgeted for. With BSS, we can fit into your budgets at a cost that will surprise you.

We’ve got you covered

Our BSS offering allows you to call on our expertise when you need it. That might be resources to help you get your bid written, or it might be a review at the end of your internal writing to make sure that you’re scoring every quality mark that you can. Either way, we can help – always.

You know what support you need the most. At the beginning of the process, we’ll work with you to define the bid types that you’re likely to work with us on in any given year. Don’t worry, we’re flexible in our agreements and we’re always open to things changing. We’ll discuss where your requirements are likely to be based, which buyers you tend to work with, where you could improve and more.

We’ll look at your bidding history, the types of bids that you usually write, the size of them and more. We’ll also factor in the fact that we’ll get to you know, your value proposition and your team more and more throughout the subscription – so we factor in passing on those efficiencies and time savings from day one.

Once signed up, you’ll have a Bidding Limited Account Manager. Whenever you need us, they’ll be the first person that you call. We’ll work with you to define what services you need us for on a specific opportunity, and what support that’ll leave you with for the rest of the subscription period.

You can always expect the same Bidding Limited quality regardless of the services that you choose in your subscription. Our pride in our output always drives us to deliver the best bids that we possibly can.

Once we’ve completed each piece of work, we’ll be waiting for you to contact us again. We want our clients to use the services that we offer, and we’ll always be on hand when you need us.

“Honestly, having the subscription service saved us thousands of pounds in bid writing every year. We’d used a mix of consultancies and in house resources previously – nothing matched this”

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