Framework Applications

Frameworks are our thing.

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations to get onto CSS, NHS, Pagabo and Network Rail frameworks, among many others. Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) are a great way to be more visible to Public Sector buyers without having to go through full tender competitions.

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What is a framework?

Public sector buyers often use Frameworks to select a short-list of pre-agreed suppliers. The organisations using that Framework (who might range from a single entity such as the NHS, to a large selection of buyers in a particular sector) then commit to obtaining those services from the ‘approved’ suppliers on the Framework.

What will buyers look for?

The buyer will likely want to see that you have the experience and ability to meet the requirements of the framework. They will often ask for client references from previous, similar pieces of work – as well as financial, compliance and technical information about your organisation, and accreditations like ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials, among others.

Getting you ready

We work with organisations of all sizes – from start ups to international enterprises – and we know what it takes to get our clients on to frameworks. We run a framework application in the same way as a full bid – so there’ll be no stone left unturned in making sure that you’ve ticked every box possible.

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"We quickly engaged Bidding Ltd to perform a Bid Readiness session. This gave us a view on our current readiness to bid for public sector opportunities and also a really clear picture of where our current gaps were. We have now been successful in getting onto frameworks, and have won our first piece of public sector work."

Richard Jacobs - Managing Director at Alba Partners