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CIPHER Medical – AI Driven Bid Writing

Client: CIPHER Medical

Sector: Healthcare Transport Services 

Project Category: BidVault Subscription Service

CIPHER Medical, a prominent healthcare transport services provider, has been actively bidding for contracts with the NHS and local authorities for several years.

However, they recently approached our team seeking assistance in bidding more frequently and maintaining consistent quality. Despite offering superior service in many areas, CIPHER have often found themselves losing out to larger competitors with large, dedicated bid teams in public sector tenders. CIPHER, operating without dedicated bid staff and facing internal bottlenecks, struggled to identify opportunities and submit bids on time.

With the advent and increasing adoption of AI in bidding – and with CIPHER’s larger competitors already implementing AI solutions into their operations – it was crucial that they did not fall further behind given the benefits that AI can undoubtedly bring.

Like many mid-sized SMEs, funding for internal bid writing resources or outsourced bid management consultancy had never been a realistic priority for CIPHER, and investing in an enterprise-level, tender specific AI platform would not be viable, either.

Now, with Bidding Limited’s BidVault Subscription Service, CIPHER Medical is able to take advantage of Bid Director level expertise, deep, up to date content libraries and leading AI technology – all for the a fraction of the cost of even one of these elements stand-alone.

Our BidVault Subscription Service

Bidding Limited’s BidVault Subscription Service incorporates four key components: brilliant people, process, content, and technology.

At its core lies BidVault, a market-leading content library meticulously built by Bidding Limited over a period of 15 years across more than 5,000 bids. This library, combined with a managed client bid library, is wrapped by AutoGenAI, Bidding Limited’s cutting-edge AI technology, to create brilliant first draft responses in a fraction of the time of traditional bid writing methodologies. Paired with award-winning experts and a unique process that prioritises quality, Bidding Limited’s service provides a winning formula for their clients.

The partnership between CIPHER Medical and Bidding Limited is built on mutual trust, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence. CIPHER Medical recognises Bidding Limited’s dedication to advancing bid writing through AI-powered technologies and their extensive experience in Patient Transport Services. This collaboration enables valuable insights and expertise to enhance CIPHER Medical’s sector-specific quality scoring.


At the outset of the collaboration, Bidding Limited's team partnered with CIPHER Medical to compile historical bid documents, sales collateral, and detailed product/service information. Using this data, we carefully crafted a clean, structured, and AI-ready bid library on behalf of the client. This effort lays the foundation for a robust understanding of the client across our Bidding Limited team, with a bid library enriched with accurate, up-to-date, and compelling CIPHER information.

Industry Leading Starting Point

By streamlining the information gathering process for each bid, we are able to save valuable time for both the client and the Bidding Limited team, reducing the need for lengthy kick-off and review meetings. It also provides the Bidding Limited team with an exceptional starting point when blended seamlessly with BidVault – our industry-leading content library containing curated model responses across Social Value, Equality and Diversity and more.

Brilliant Bids

Pairing the best possible content with our market-leading AI platform and a team of leading Bid Professionals, we will commit to delivering brilliant bids for CIPHER across the 12 month agreement, guaranteeing high quality, compelling bids without the historic cost, time and administrative blockers that have previously hindered SMEs.

The Solution

Bidding Limited offers CIPHER Medical a transformative solution to their bid writing challenges by leveraging their expertise in bid writing and their unique partnership with AutoGenAI. As part of the solution, Bidding Limited has begun constructing a client-focused content library tailored to CIPHER Medical’s needs. This library aggregates historic bids, market and sales collateral, and more, creating an accurate, up-to-date reference point for leading AI tools and teams to utilise.

“This partnership brings about innovation within AI-powered bid writing technologies, linked with quality processes and people,” Stuart Green, COO of CIPHER Medical, remarks.

What we’ll achieve together.

Through their partnership with Bidding Limited, CIPHER Medical anticipates significant improvements in bid writing efficiency and success rates. The creation of their own client-focused bid library is expected to provide CIPHER and the Bidding Limited team with a clean, managed and up-to-date reference point, facilitating the generation of high-quality bid responses quickly and accurately.

“Our current team of focused healthcare professionals and support staff have a sustained record of bid writing success. However, as our organisation grows, and our vision expands, CIPHER Medical have identified the need for a focused approach to successful bid writing. This has led us to Bidding Limited, who, like us, believe in innovation,” Stuart Green adds.



To the future…

This collaboration between CIPHER Medical and Bidding Limited underscores the transformative impact of AI-powered solutions in bid writing. CIPHER Medical are confident that they’ll be able to enhance their bid writing processes, expand their market reach, and compete effectively with larger players in their core markets. “This will allow CIPHER Medical to streamline our bid writing processes, delivering swift results, while focusing on our organisational priorities of providing safe, effective, and patient-centered care,” Stuart Green concludes.

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"This partnership brings about innovation within AI-powered bid writing technologies, linked with quality processes and people. The partnership will allow CIPHER Medical to deliver our safe, effective, and patient centred service to a wider marketplace and in collaboration with Bidding Limited further our aim in delivering excellence and innovation."

Stuart Green, COO - CIPHER Medical