Case Studies

Liberty Group

Client: Liberty Group

Sector: Property Maintenance/Social Housing

Project Category: Full Bid Writing and Management  

Project detail

6 bid projects between July 2023-September 2023. All Full Bid Writing and Bid Management Service led by Bidding Ltd. 

Project 1 – In this instance, the bid was for a place on a £657 million Total Disrepairs Solutions Framework, encompassing a 6-year contract with an optional 2-year extension. It marked their first engagement with us, and the team at Liberty went straight in for our full bid writing and management service.

Project 2 – This project involved a bid for a 4-year gas servicing and maintenance contract, with an estimated contract value of £6 million. The bid was around 11,000 words and included an SQ that we helped the client with, too.

Project 3 – On this project, we helped Liberty target a specific lot within a broader Fusion21 Decarbonisation Framework, with an estimated Framework value of £6.5 million. The comprehensive bid spanned a total of 7,000 words.

Project 4 – Initiated in August, this project entailed another round of complete bid write and management services. A 3-year heating and boiler system upgrades contract, extendable by an optional 2 years, and valued at £2.5 million, the bid comprised 4,250 words. Notably, Liberty Group independently handled the completion of the Selection Questionnaire (SQ) and case studies.

Project 5 – Centred around a bid review, this project, for a servicing, maintenance and compliance contract for council managed assets,  saw the client’s in-house bid writing team crafting the proposal. Our team was subsequently engaged to review, providing constructive feedback for optimising bid success. This substantial contract, spanning 5 years with an optional 5-year extension, boasted a total estimated contract value ranging from £60 million to £80 million, with the full bid encompassing 27,500 words.

Project 6 – In the most recent undertaking, a comprehensive bid write and management service was delivered fora  heating and compliancy management combined works. This pertained to a 4-year contract with an optional 4-year extension, totalling 11,500 words.

The Client’s Challenge

Short term resource challenges

Although they had their own inhouse tender team Liberty Group were experiencing short term bid resource challenges. Rather than missing out on vital bids and delaying their growth they decided that they needed to bring in external resources to keep up with their excellent pipeline and the number of opportunities available to them.

Why did they choose Bidding Ltd?

When we spoke to George from Liberty group he said “From the get-go I felt like we were in a safe pair of hands with (Bidding Ltd) due to their reputation in the industry and knowledge of our sector.”

It all began when a member of the Liberty Group attended the Housing 2023 conference in Manchester back in June. The Liberty Group team attended with the particular focus of finding a bid writing organisation who could support their growth ambitions. It quickly became apparent to them that Bidding Ltd had substantial experience of work across their sector, and our team was already known to a number of their colleagues internally from past roles. This helped them to solidify their decision to go with Bidding Ltd.


Our Solution

For each individual project we designed a tailored solution. One of the many benefits for our returning clients is our ability to really grow our understanding of the client, their win themes and build up a brilliant library of content for use across different bids. Throughout all 6 projects, we ensured that we kept a similar bid team working on the various projects to help with continuity and the relationship with Liberty Group.

Success from the projects

Given our approach, we were successful in winning 83% of the bids that we worked on for Liberty Group. The client team spoke favourably of our agility, adaptable approach and ability to embed ourselves into their internal teams – making project delivery seamless, stress-free and successful.

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“From the get-go I felt like we were in a safe pair of hands with (Bidding Ltd) due to their reputation in the industry and knowledge of our sector. We worked well together to ensure we continued to submit high quality tenders. I am pleased to say that from the tenders where outcomes have been announced, we have won every tender, except one, that (Bidding Ltd) supported us with. A great achievement for both organisations.”

George Mallon, Pre-Contract & Customer Director - Liberty Group