Case Studies

Northern Medical Ultrasound Greater Manchester

Client: Northern Medical Ultrasound Greater Manchester (bidding as Yorkshire Health Solutions)

Healthcare Sector: Non-Obstretric Ultrasounds

Project Category: Bid Writing & Management

Project Detail

As Yorkshire Health Solutions’ (YHS) bid partners of choice, HealthBid has gained invaluable insights into their way of working over the numerous NOUS bids we have submitted and won. We not only understand the way they like their organisations’ voice, strategies, and win themes laid out on the page, but we also know how to best make the process of bidding seamless, timely, and straightforward, giving the YHS team all the more time to reinvest in needed frontline care. HealthBid offered YHS a bespoke blend of content production and bid management that created a tender submission that was as compelling as it was efficient—streamlining processes without losing the key touchpoints that enabled us to breathe life into a winning bid.

The Client’s Challenges


With analysing the differences between the original one locality spec and the re-issued 7 localities.

Lack of Time

The client lacked the time to research, write and manage the whole bid process, whilst operating a frontline service.

Lack of Expertise

The client lacked an understanding of the complexities involved within the general tender process.

The Opportunity

This 24,000-word Greater Manchester NOUS tender featured 7 different localities that had to be equally considered and incorporated within an overarching service solution. As this was a tender following on from one that was previously cancelled – which was then incorporated into, and subsequently removed from this bid – our team already had a keen understanding of the complexities of this project before out Pink Team kick-off.

We conducted a comprehensive specification analysis so that when we approached YHS’ Director and Bid Lead, Joanne Colgate, we had a strategy that focused on building on our existing knowledge and experience to deliver a tailored, content-rich bid. The not only manifested in our written work, but, indeed, in the significant time spent in research and internal strategising that ensured we reflected YHS’ service solutions against patient population and CCG’s most pertinent needs.

Our project team – including Senior Bid Manager, Georgia, alongside two of our Bid Managers, Sophie and Tania – also delivered a set of beautifully designed graphics and attachments that enabled workforce, mobilisation, clinical governance, and the operational model to be visualised. This was truly an all-encompassing service, with a dedicated team who understood the needs of the service as well as the bid compliance elements to be able to offer leadership, support, advice, and recommendations that led to a high-quality, compelling, and successful tender.

Our Solutions Included…

Time Efficiency

When working with YHS, we understand the time constraints they are under, and always work to make the bidding process as easy as possible for the client. Jo is a Director and a practising Sonographer, meaning her time spent as Bid Lead is often limited; we were flexible to work around Jo’s schedule and can collect targeted and succinct information during short and effective meetings.

Understanding the Client

Underpinning our success within the process was our understanding of the client, both in terms of the time constraints they face, coupled with our understanding of their service and how they operate. Having written multiple bids for YHS we are trusted to take the lead on responses, with targets information supplied by YHS to ensure that the service delivery model is bespoke for the specific service.

Gap Analysis

In planning our approach to this project, we were mindful of the barriers that this client faced. Particularly in this bid which needed an extra level of detailed prep work to compare the previous tender to the reissued tender with additional locations. This included a thorough gap analysis of the content written for the original cancelled tender, highlighting the extra information tat was needed to cover the additional locations. Our approach reflects how we put ourselves in our client’s shoes, immersing ourselves in their reality.


Our approach was agile; YHS were happy to use our previously generated (yet not submitted) content as a base, optimising efficiencies in both process and engagement to best work with the client and generate a compelling, compliant bid for all chosen lots.

Project Successes

The successes of this project were undoubtedly the ways in which we helped the client. With the preparation work undertaken to analyse the differences between the original and the re-issued tender, we enabled YHS to bid for this opportunity that they were entirely suited for, without the added burden of directing minute differences between tender document and losing internal resource to content creation at scale.

We understood the client, and their way of working. Due to delivering a frontline serve, there are time constraints that we need to factor into our overall bidding process. As we have built up trust with YHS over many years and numerous bids, we can apply our bank of knowledge of the company and their approach to service delivery and hold targeted Pink Teams to address specific service model design points, optimising sessions with the client.