Case Studies

Smart Dental

Client: Smart Dental Care

Healthcare Sector: Dental Services

Project Category: Bid Writing and Management 

Project Detail

Smart Dental Care has recently completed a series of different projects with us.

Project 1 – Initially this started off as doing some plan work for them. This consisted of the team looking over 2 bids they had already written and rewording these submissions to give them a greater chance of bidding success. The first bid was 16,870 words for an orthodontist and the prison bid was 11,683 words.

Project 2 – This was a full bid write and management for a 5-year contract with the option for 2 additional years, at 4 prisons in the Norfolk area. Although this project was split into 4 lots there was only 1 general submission needed – this consisted of 11,250 words along with 2 attachments and a selection questionnaire.

Project 3 – Another full bid write and management for a 6 year contract for the North West – they are already incumbents of this contract. This bid involved 86,400 characters, with 2 attachments: a mobilisation plan and a social value question on climate change as well as the usual selection questionnaire.

The Client’s Challenges



The client understood that the administration of submitting a bid is complex and requires expert assistance. This is not their field of expertise; they are dentists and do not understand the bidding process or what makes a successful bid so easier to bring in someone who does.

Lack of Time

Due to the technical level of detail required and the fact that members of the team are practicing dentists it meant that they would have struggled to pull together a quality bid within the time frame whilst still maintaining a quality standard of practice within their roles.

Why did they outsource to us?

The administration of submitting a bid is complex and expert assistance is needed. An experienced outsourced service provides invaluable experience and guidance in the drafting of the bid answers.

Our Solution

Project 1 – For this initial project, the team revisited both of SDC’s previous bid content to create 2 polished, successful bids. During this process our teams took time out of their diaries to show SDC how to transform their responses into a winning bid and therefore helped them to begin to understand the bidding process better.

Project 2 – As SDC had previously worked with us in a prison dental bid we were able to adapt some of the content we had previously done for them and as we had already begun to build a relationship with them the initial kick-off meetings became easier when it came to extracting the relevant information and win themes.

As part of the bid SDC needed to fill out their selection questionnaire, however due to their lack of experience these answers were not to winning standard. We were able to provide compliance checks on the questionnaire and prompt them to which areas needed modifications and more detail.

Project 3 – Now this was our 3rd project with SDC, the team had really built up an understanding of who they are as a. company and were able to pull from and adapt previous pieces of content for this prisons bid. As they were already incumbents of this contract it was even more important that they were successful. However, one of the attachments was a social value questions on fighting climate change, something they had not considered until this point. Luckily out ream were on hand and managed to talk them through the importance of reaching net zero and even went out of their way to research and present possible solutions to their problem within the dental environment.

As always, we completed a compliance check on their selection questionnaire and due to our previous involvement and guidance, the answers were miles better than previously and needed little amendments.

Successes from the projects

When SDC initially approached Bidding Ltd (HealthBid) for help they had very little knowledge and understanding of the bid writing process and how to produce a successful bid. During the 3 different projects we worked with them on, we noticed substantial improvement in the quality of their responses during kick-off meetings and in the context they delivered for the selection questionnaire. Their progress in comprehending what constitutes a successful bid was remarkable.

The assistance provided by Healthbid was invaluable. From initial project management and timetabling to creating the final draft answers they were professional and showed extensive experience and insight. We have used other outsourced bid writers but the service by Bidding Ltd (HealthBid) was far superior.

Paul - Smart Dental Care