21 November 2023

Championing Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

In the fiercely competitive world of bidding for contracts, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often find themselves facing overwhelming odds. Larger, more experienced organisations with dedicated bid functions can seem like Goliath, while SMEs, despite their innovation and agility, might appear as David in comparison. However, at Bidding Ltd, we believe in levelling the playing field, having won Public Sector contracts for hundreds of SMEs since 2014.

The SME Challenge

SMEs are the lifeblood of innovation, local economies, and employment opportunities across the UK. They bring fresh ideas, agility, and entrepreneurial spirit to the market. Yet, when it comes to securing public sector contracts, they can find themselves at a disadvantage. Established corporations have the resources to maintain in-house bid writing teams and seasoned experts to craft winning bids. At the very least – even without internal, dedicated bidding teams, larger organisations just have that bit more man power to help get bid submissions over the line. In contrast, SMEs often face resource constraints and a lack of dedicated personnel to tackle the complex world of bidding. Many SMEs that we work with are focussing on delivering the job at hand – whether that’s patient care or day to day construction work – and we take the stress of bidding completely off their shoulders.

The Bidding Ltd Difference

With a mission to empower SMEs to compete effectively and secure the public sector contracts they deserve; we always say that great organisations don’t necessarily win contracts; great bids do. Our focus is on providing SMEs with the highest quality bids, enabling them to stand shoulder to shoulder with larger organisations when it comes to winning public sector contracts.

Access to Expertise

One of the key challenges that SMEs encounter is the lack of in-house bid writing expertise. Many SMEs simply do not have the resources to employ full-time bid writers, leaving them at a significant disadvantage when vying for contracts. At Bidding Ltd, we bridge this gap by offering SMEs access to our team of seasoned experts who bring a wealth of experience in bid writing. Our team is a mix of bid writers, managers, and directors, all with sector-specific experience, as well as decades in both in-house and consultancy bid writing roles.

The ‘Team Approach’

We don’t just allocate a single bid writer to a bid, get words on a page and hope for the best. Our approach is focussed on quality above all else – and involves a meticulous ‘team approach’ to every single bid. Each bid benefits from multiple layers of expertise and experience, with quality assurance and continuous improvement at every stage of the bid process. We assemble a dedicated team that collaborates to create a winning bid. This collaborative effort combines industry specialists and experienced bid writers, ensuring that every facet of the bid is carefully considered and optimized.

Quality Over Quantity

Our philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that it’s not about the quantity of bids submitted, but the quality of each bid that matters most. We work closely with SMEs to understand their unique strengths, values, and competitive advantages. This knowledge allows us to craft bids that not only meet the technical requirements but also showcase what sets the SME apart from the competition. Crucially, sometimes, this also allows us to suggest a ‘No-Bid’ decision to our clients. We’ve always been open with our clients, and if we do not believe that they have a chance of winning, we’ll always suggest that they wait for the next opportunity to come along.

Evaluator Perspective

Bid evaluators, whether in the public or private sector, have the challenging task of assessing bids objectively. They evaluate the bid that’s in front of them, and our meticulous approach ensures that SMEs have the opportunity to shine in this spotlight. By focusing on quality, we create bids that stand out for their thoroughness, clarity, and compelling narratives. Our approach is not about winning bids by chance but by design, understanding how evaluators think and tailoring responses that tick every box, every time.

Success Stories

Bidding Ltd has a track record of supporting SMEs across various industries, including healthcare, social care, technology, construction, asbestos removal, heating and plumbing, legal and roofing, among others. The impact of our ‘team approach’ can be seen in the success stories of SMEs that have partnered with us. These businesses have secured contracts that have propelled their growth and success, and we’re lucky enough to work with most of them time and time again.


In the world of bidding, success is not the exclusive domain of large corporations with ample resources. It’s about delivering high-quality bids that resonate with evaluators and decision-makers. Bidding Ltd is committed to ensuring that SMEs have an equal opportunity to compete and succeed. We are here to champion SMEs by providing the expert bid writing services and collaborative expertise they need to seize the contracts that will drive their growth and achievements. Great organisations don’t always win contracts; great bids do, and Bidding Ltd provides those exceptional bids to SMEs.

If you’re an SME seeking to level the playing field in the world of bidding, reach out to our team. Together, we’ll champion your growth and bidding achievements.