10 January 2024

G-Cloud 14

What is the G-Cloud?

The G-Cloud is the UKs biggest framework and is a government initiative aimed at easing procurement of cloud-based services by public-sector bodies. Since its development back in 2012, G-Cloud has become the main route to market for all cloud-based solutions companies. With very specific criteria G-Cloud is only to be used by off the shelf cloud solutions, any developments or hardware solutions are not eligible for this framework. Not being on the framework could be detrimental to an organisations ability to work in the public sector.

In this framework there is a high chance that buyers will just directly award contracts rather than making suppliers bid for them but this does mean that you need to be able to stand out.

As of G-Cloud 13 there are 4 lots to this framework. Lot 1 is cloud hosting (IaaS and PaaS), lot 2 is cloud software (SaaS), Lot 3 is cloud support and lot 4 is further competition for the provision of end-to-end cloud services.


What are the changes?

 There have been many iterations, each improving on the last and this transition is no different. G-Cloud 14 promises to bring improvements in flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

Some notable differences include an upgraded search functionality that enables buyers to filter results based on specific criteria, facilitating a more efficient discovery of desired services. In the supplier application process, there is now a requirement for suppliers to complete more comprehensive details about their services, including outlining how they adhere to specific security standards. This heightened transparency ensures that buyers are better informed. G-Cloud 14 introduces a feature allowing users to rate and provide feedback on services, offering valuable insights for both buyers and suppliers. The framework’s scope of services has expanded, accommodating more specialised companies, and providing public sector organisations with a broader array of options. Additionally, while G-Cloud previously limited contract lengths to 24 months, G-Cloud 14 extends some services to a 36-month duration, enhancing continuity and stability.


Benefits of the G-Cloud Framework

The G-Cloud framework is the gateway to public sector contracts and being a part of it brings along lots of advantages that can be game-changers for a business.


  1. Simplifying procurement process

By having a singular framework G-Cloud has completely streamlined the procurement process for public sector contracts. It removes the need for suppliers to complete the complex and time-consuming process of tendering for each individual contract. By eliminating the need for this process it saves the suppliers valuable time and resources which can instead be used to deliver high-quality services.

  1. Supporting digital transformation

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it is important that public sector organisations adapt and embrace this digital transformation to ensure better services for citizens. G-Cloud plays a crucial role in this delivery by providing a pre-vetted list of suppliers specialising in digital and cloud services. This allows public sector bodies to engage with innovative solutions and services that support the digital transformative agenda.

  1. Supporting SMEs and diverse suppliers

G-Cloud has a strong track record of opening doors for SMEs and diverse suppliers. The simplification of the procurement method allows these companies to compete on a level playing field with larger corporations. Suppliers have all been pre-vetted giving potential buyers that extra level of trust in them and the money the save on the tendering process can be used for further developments. This inclusivity not only fosters innovation but also contributes to economic growth by empowering smaller businesses.

  1. Diverse range of opportunities

This framework welcomes a broad spectrum of services and products, spanning from cloud computing and cybersecurity to software development and consultancy. Moreover, public sector organisations encompass an extensive array of sectors, organisations, and opportunities. This diversity ensures that suppliers of varying types can discover opportunities that closely align with their expertise and offerings.


Why you want to be on it?

Over the last year £3.2 billion was spent across the framework, £1.2bn of which was spent on SMEs. The fact that almost 40% of sales were channelled to SMEs underscores the G-Cloud framework’s effectiveness as an excellent and supportive gateway for small businesses operating within the public sector.


How can Bidding Ltd help?

While being a member of the G-Cloud framework offers significant time and cost savings by streamlining the process of submitting numerous bids throughout the year, the application itself is lengthy and somewhat cumbersome. We recognise the value of your time, and we understand that not being a part of the G-Cloud framework may pose a significant obstacle to selling into the public sector. However, there’s no need to worry, as we have a proven track record of assisting numerous clients in joining the G-Cloud framework and successfully rebidding for each iteration over the years. If you would like to know more about our G-Cloud approach, get in touch today.