29 September 2023

International Day of Bids and Proposals

So today is International Day of Bids and Proposals. It gives us the rare opportunity to give a massive shoutout to everyone in the world of bids and proposals. Bids and proposals are an essential part of every country, industry and business – they enable businesses to change the game in goods and services that affect us all everyday, whether this is in hospitals, schools, public transport, construction – anything you can think of it will have been affected by bid and proposals.

Due to the importance of the bids, bid writing is an incredibly difficult skill to master. It takes serious skills to make sure that those bids shine which is so important as a bid submission has the ability to make or break a company depending on the outcome. Many companies recognise this and understand the importance of ensuring investment into quality bid writers and that is why so many companies make the decision to bring in external teams of experts, such as ourselves, to help.

In order to be able to write successful bids and proposals you need to put in the time and commitment as well as ensure the writer has a key attention to detail and is able to write in a clear comprehensive, persuasive manner. It all requires them to have extensive knowledge of the company, the sector they operate in and the contract they are bidding for. It is by no means an easy job.

With this in mind we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our whole team here at Bidding Ltd for all their hard work and dedication, especially in the last few months, they have really enabled the company to grow at great speed and have helped us in becoming one of the UK’s largest specialist bid writing companies. Without our team of experts we would not have been able to achieve our outstanding 86% Win Rate for our clients.

Thank you to everyone at Bidding Ltd, we really appreciate everything you do for us and our clients.