14 December 2023

Leveraging External Bid Specialists to Win More Contracts 

With numerous contract opportunities available, it is important that organisations are equipped with the right tools and resources to ensure they maximise their chances of winning new work/retaining current work. Despite this, many organisations are hesitant to use external bid specialists, and instead, rely on their own in-house teams to put forward proposals for contract opportunities that are important to them. Whilst this is a viable bidding strategy, it is not always the best approach.

In this article, we will explore some key reasons why organisations should consider bringing in external bid specialists to win more important contracts.

Utilising their bidding experience and expertise

Organisations will benefit greatly from the extensive experience and expertise of external bid specialists who can help in navigating what can be a complex bidding process.

As established experts in the field, they will already have a sound understanding of the intricacies of the bidding process, including the requirements, evaluation criteria, and key factors that influence the decision-making of both public and private sector buyers. Their knowledge can help organisations craft winning bids that align with the specific needs and expectations of the buyer/contracting party.

For example, they can provide insights on how to structure the bid, address specific evaluation criteria, address the buyer’s pain points, and highlight your organisation’s unique value proposition.

This will significantly increase your chances of developing compelling bid responses, ensuring that you are putting your best foot forward, and helping you navigate through what can often be a complex and stressful process. Their experience in winning public sector contracts is invaluable to any organisation, it is rare that an in-house bid team would have upwards of an 86% win-rate.

Taking advantage of their industry insights and market intelligence

External bid specialists tend to keep themselves updated with industry trends, market intelligence, and competitor analysis. Organisations can leverage this additional knowledge to ensure that their bid proposals are as best as they can be.

They can provide valuable insights into the competitive landscape, identify potential opportunities for added value, and help organisations position themselves effectively. For instance, they can help you analyse the existing contracts awarded in a particular sector, understand the preferences of different buyers, and tailor the bid strategy accordingly. By leveraging this information, organisations can gain a competitive edge and increase their chances of winning public sector contracts.

Effective response development and writing

One of the most critical aspects of winning bids is developing a compelling proposal that stands out from the competition.

External bid specialists will have already honed their skills in response development and writing, employing persuasive techniques to present your organisation’s strengths clearly and effectively. They can create clear, concise, and persuasive content that highlights the organisation’s capabilities, past successes, and unique selling points. Additionally, they can ensure that the bid is compliant with all the requirements and guidelines set by the buyer. Thus, by employing external bid specialists, your organisation can ensure their responses read well, look good, and are compliant with all the tender guidelines and requirements giving you the best chance at winning contracts.

Objective perspective and fresh ideas

Organisations will also benefit from the unbiased and objective perspective of an external bid specialist during the bid process.

Often, bid specialists will be able to challenge any internal assumptions, identify gaps or weaknesses in your organisation’s approach, and propose potential innovative solutions that you may not have thought of! Their external viewpoint can help in avoiding internal biases, leading to a more comprehensive and effective bid strategy.

For example, they might suggest alternative approaches to addressing buyer requirements, propose new partnerships or collaborations, or recommend improvements to the organisation’s processes or methodologies.

This can significantly strengthen bids as your ‘blind spots’ will often be revealed during the response development stage, allowing the bid writers to address these appropriately in the bid responses and reassure the buyer of your capabilities and reliability in winning bids.

Scalability and flexibility of bidding capacity

Furthermore, the use of external bid specialists can offer organisations the flexibility to scale their bid capacity as and when required.

They can be engaged on a project-by-project basis, allowing organisations to access their expertise whenever there is a specific bid opportunity. This is particularly useful for organisations with fluctuating bid volumes or for those targeting new markets or sectors. Additionally, external bid specialists often have established networks and can quickly mobilise resources to support bid writing and development and ensure the bid can be completed and submitted on time.

Continuous learning and improvement for your internal team

Lastly, working with external bid specialists can also facilitate continuous learning and improvement within your organisation’s internal bid team.

They can share best practices, train internal team members on effective bid techniques, and transfer their knowledge and skills. This collaborative approach helps strengthen the internal bid team’s capabilities and enhances their future bidding efforts, resulting in improved overall outcomes for your business in terms of bid success.


In conclusion, external bid specialists or experts can provide organisations with specialised expertise, industry insights, bid writing skills, objective perspectives, scalability, and opportunities for continuous learning. Even if your organisation already has an internal bid team, engaging external specialists can significantly enhance your organisation’s bidding capabilities, increase the likelihood of winning contracts, and drive further business growth. Their unique skill set and experience make them valuable assets in the competitive bidding landscape, helping you win more lucrative public sector contracts that are important for your business.