4 January 2024

How Bidding Ltd can support your success with PAS 360 standards

What is PAS 360 and why does it matter?

PAS 360, developed by BSI, is a game-changer for bid excellence. It provides a comprehensive set of best practices for managing and delivering high-quality bids and proposals. From proposal planning to risk management, this standard ensures consistency, clarity, and compliance, giving you a clear edge over competitors.

So, how can Bidding Limited support you to harness the power of PAS 360?

Support at both the Opportunity and Functional Level

One of the general principles of the standard is to separate out the Function Level (bid management function) from the Opportunity Level (capture and client relationship management) with both teams working together under a ‘One Team’ approach.

Our clients are supported at Opportunity Level through our identification of opportunities we believe are right for them, and support with bid/no-bid decision making. Perhaps the most crucial factor in bid success is choosing the opportunities that give you the best chances of success, assigning your resources where they can have the most impact.

When working through our Bid Kickoff workshop, our bid team will want to understand your knowledge of and relationship with the buyer ensuring that all that information is used to inform the bid process.

Processes that Achieve All Five Pillars

Many smaller businesses don’t have a dedicated bid function and the staff responding to Invitations to Tender or for Proposals may have had no bid training at all, let alone have an established process for working through a bid.

When we support you with a bid, we use our own tried and tested bid process which aligns with the five pillars of bid and proposal management, outlined in PAS 360.


We will ask for one sponsor within your business to lead the bid, and we will take control of the bid management process. Each bid is led by one of our experienced Bid Directors who bring a breadth of industry experience and proven bid success, ensuring that our team create the highest quality responses to deadline.


Your assigned Bid Manager will deep dive the tender documents and understand what is needed to craft a compliant, winning bid. They will then progress the bid through our tried and tested processes which includes regular bid reviews, with you always having the final sign-off.


Our process includes calling meetings with the right people at the right time, keeping the bid moving and gathering the information needed to write a really compelling response. This includes.


Even when you are submitting a bid that appears to be asking the same question, every word should be reviewed and tailored to the buyer where possible. We can help you with this, building on any past bids to tailor and improve through:


Working with Bidding Limited gives SMEs access to the sort of bid resources that national and international firms have on hand. Our team is made up of bid professionals and we invest in their CPD through corporate membership of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, who sponsored PAS 360.

No more bids created by a senior staff member who also has to juggle their regular workload or crammed in by the MD at evenings and weekends!

Harnessing PAS 360 to Win!

Businesses across the UK are looking at PAS 360 and aligning their bidding function with it, and there is no doubt that having a standard is a real benefit to the bidding world. One of the aims of the standard is to allow buyers to have more confidence in the proposals submitted, as they will have used clear processes to develop the response, leading to a higher likelihood of the contract being delivered on time, to budget, and meeting the expected quality to deliver the required goods/products/services/works. In other words, a PAS 360 submission acts as another indicator of the quality of what you do. If we can help you achieve this, please get in touch today.

To find out more about how we can support your success with PAS 360 standards get in touch now.