28 February 2024

Personalising Your Tender Submission

When it comes to winning bids, standing out from the crowd is half of the battle in an increasingly competitive bid processes.. Bid evaluators often have a high number of responses to get through and plain pages with a walls of text are unlikely to engage them.

Why You Should Personalise Your Tender Submission

Personalising your submission makes you far more likely to hit those higher marks through:

It may not always be possible to personalise visually. For example, due to constraints on submission formats, such as document upload versus rich and plain text fields. In this case, you should use compelling language, inspiring win themes and a clear identity to help you shine through.

How to Personalise Your Tender Submission

Write in a consistently bold tone

Active, vibrant language will make you memorable to the evaluator, creating personality throughout your submission. Try to match your tone to your organisation’s values to create a cohesive identity.

Include graphics and images

Graphics and images can be incredibly versatile, helping bring your organisation to life, demonstrate complex ideas more clearly, and save words on bids with stringent character counts. Choose carefully: different styles of graphics convey ideas in varying ways. For example, the structure of pyramids demonstrates hierarchy or governance vs the more lateral approach in spider diagrams to demonstrate networks or collaboration.

Use colour and shape for structure

Bid evaluators are human and, as with any human, they’re likely to be more drawn to colour and shape – which create interest and provide an easier flow for the reader. An easy way to do this is putting headings and subheadings in your organisation’s brand colours, or using shapes or filled text boxes to isolate case studies or examples. This is especially important in detailed attachments, e.g. Gantt charts, to avoid a block of monotone text that will make the evaluator’s attention wander.

Spread out

If your bid is evaluated by page count, why not take advantage of the whole thing? You can use varied alignments and page layouts to separate information across the entire page, creating more visually engaging responses and squeeze out every bit of permitted space.


Do you want to create brilliant, memorable and winning bids, but you’re not sure that you have the time or expertise? Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you stand out from the crowd with a personalised submission.