6 November 2023

Three common reasons you’re losing bids

At Bidding Ltd, we understand that successful bid writing often hinges on nuances. In this blog, we will explore three common reasons why bids sometimes fail and offer simple solutions to ensure your company secures its position as the preferred choice for discerning buyers.


Reason One: The Bid Readiness Gap

Effectively managing the tight timelines of tender processes can be a challenge. Many bidders find themselves immersed in activities that could have been completed before the buyer releases the Invitation to Tender (ITT). This may include compiling documents like HR policies and Clinical Governance accountability. Unfortunately, providers often initiate the bidding phase without a clear understanding of what sets them apart from the competition. This lack of preparation can significantly affect bid quality, compliance, and timely completion.


To enhance your chances of winning bids, meticulous preparation is essential. Commence your groundwork before the ITT is made available. This way, when it is released, all your energy and resources can be devoted to crafting a comprehensive bid that seamlessly aligns with the buyer’s requirements, without any last-minute rushes. You might consider utilising an online tender alerts platform like BidStats.uk, a valuable tool that keeps you informed by sending notifications when a Prior Information Notice (PIN) is issued for an upcoming opportunity, complete with prospective tender release dates. Buyers frequently provide the opportunity for pre-bid discussions through Market Engagement events, which are now often conducted via remote video calls.

For first-time bidders, this groundwork might extend beyond a single opportunity. It may involve gaining familiarity with the intricacies of the bidding process and a close examination of specifications for services similar to the one in question. However, regardless of your level of experience, conducting a comprehensive gap analysis is imperative to identify areas where your service may fall short compared to potential competitors. Equally important is understanding your strengths, as buyers seek providers who exude confidence in their ability to deliver a successful service from day one.


Reason Two: Dwelling on the Past

While highlighting past achievements is crucial to demonstrate competence and instil confidence in the buyer, an excessive focus on the past can leave bidders in a precarious position. It may make them appear overly reliant on their existing reputation, missing the opportunity to showcase innovative and tailor-made approaches.


Recognise that past achievements play an essential role in your success but shift the focus to emphasise experience and its attributes like adaptability and robust processes in your bid. Phrases such as “we can apply our experience to” or “from our experience” convey the value of your organisation’s history with a forward-looking perspective. Buyers not only value your track record but also seek insights into how you plan to enhance their service, emphasising innovation and ambition. Always seek ways to infuse innovation and demonstrate how your unique attributes can elevate the service.


Reason Three: Inadequate Knowledge of the Competition

As a bidder, understanding your competition is crucial. Without a clear grasp of where your company stands in both local and national markets, it is challenging to create a competitive service model and craft a compelling tender response.


Gather intelligence about your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, financial standing, strategic positioning, or any existing affiliations. This data is your arsenal to establish your winning themes, spotlighting the unique advantages your service brings to the buying organisation’s table. At Bidding Ltd, we offer services such as Competitor Analysis to help our clients gain insights into their service models relative to other potential bidders. Armed with this knowledge, our clients can make informed decisions about their service offerings and position themselves distinctively in the tender.


Don’t let these common stumbling blocks cost you bids. Take proactive steps to enhance your bid readiness, embrace innovation, and understand your competition to improve your chances of success.

And if you’re looking for an edge in winning future bids, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. With an impressive 86%-win rate, we’re ready to guide you towards the right services that can significantly boost your bidding success.